New Sedan Models For 2016

2016 is seeing a wonderful influx of new sedan models, and each option is intriguing. With new features, sleeker builds, and refined touches, these sedan models have come in better and faster. For a prospective car buyer, it can be a chore to race through each model and see which one fits best. This read is going to help buyers understand the key aspects of each model and what manufacturers have done with the brands to bring their latest option to the market. This should shed a tremendous amount of light on the topic.

Mercedes Let's start with Mercedes-Benz, which has been renowned for its quality and luxury. There are four sedans under this make (C-class, E-class, S-class, and Maybach). Here is a breakdown on their primary seller the "C-class". The C-class has six options (C300 Sedan, C300 4MATIC, C350e Plug-in Hybrid, C450 AMG, AMG C63, and AMG C63 S). For this read, the focus will still go to their C300 Sedan. This ride is packed with 241HP, 273 lb-ft (torque), and offers a strong 25/34mpg. The agile new suspensions, dynamic sports setting, and expected luxurious interior make it a power-packed option, to say the least. For the remaining sedans, they come with additional features and added luxury with their Maybach providing the ultimate Mercedes experience.

Which One Is The Right Fit? Now, for the ultimate decision. A car buyer will want one of these premium sedans, but which one is the right fit for you? This is a subjective question as each offering is unique and has a range of features a person might like. It also depends on one's budget. The Hyundai Genesis provides the most horsepower, while Mercedes has the best interior. Chrysler gives a well-rounded package at a high price. It is all about what you require. Make a decision based on all of these features.

Hyundai Genesis Hyundai is a major player in the market of sedans and has come out with a refined offer in 2016. It sports an aesthetic panoramic sunroof, push-button ignition, and a fascinating touch-screen navigation system (8 inches). The 3.8L DOHC GDI V6 engine is remarkable and provides an impressive 311hp generating some serious push. They offer a beautiful rear-view camera and dual-zone climate control. This is their high-end luxury sedan, and it packs a punch.

Chevrolet The Impala is their primary sedan model, and that's where the focus will go. With the Impala, you are getting 305hp, a beautiful interior (with 8" navigation system), and an aerodynamic build. The 3.6 V6 engine is powerful with variable valve timing, and the car can generate a reasonable 22/31mpg on the road. On top of these features, the precision handling enables a smooth ride and terrific control for drivers as soon as they get behind the wheel and start driving. This premium sedan is packed with new features and does provide a robust option for buyers to consider.

Toyota Venza Let's move onto what Toyota has to offer in 2016. This premium vehicle is called the "Toyota Venza" and is an attractive option. The Venza is 3.5 Litre V6 engine which has a "velvety" feel to it according to experts. It generates 268hp and provides a smooth ride for those who get behind the wheel. One of its telling benefits is the spacious cabin and luxurious interior (including a panoramic roof) that looks great. It provides a keyless entry along with a backup camera. The 6.1" navigation system is easy on the eyes as well.This refined solution has been a winner for a while.

Chrysler 300 The final vehicle on this list would be the "Chrysler 300" and it is a good one to wrap things up with. There are four models under this label (Touring, Limited, 300S, 300C, and Platinum) with the focus of this read going towards their Limited Edition. This sedan offers a 292-HP 3.6L Pentastar® V6 Engine equipped with their Eight-Speed Automatic Transmission. It has a massive 8.4" navigation touch-screen and a host of additional features in a tech-friendly interior. The keyless entry and rearview camera make it a well-rounded offering. It is also able to generate 292hp and give 23/37mpg in fuel efficiency. It is a unique offering and one that is luxurious outside and inside.