1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible

This front-wheel drive model from Oldsmobile wasn’t generally liked. It had the structural integrity of a straw hut. A lot of reviewers compared driving this car to driving a cracked egg, which is by no means any hint of praise. Yes, this was among the worst models out in the 90s.

1989 Vector W8

By the time it was supposed to hit production, many people had already disregarded it. It became obsolete. While it looked cool, it was too expensive, going at 400,000 dollars and was pretty similar to owning a luxurious flatbed --- totally unnecessary.

1989 Eagle Premier

This was AMC’s last hope into making a memorable car. It surely was memorable, but for all the wrong reasons. For one, it looked as boring as a cardboard box, despite having an impressive Renault 25 chassis inside. It was also renamed the Dodge Monaco, though we fail to see the need for such a name change, because even Dodge wouldn’t be caught dead making something as horrible as this.

1989 Geo Metro

Made by Suzuki, this was the result of economic marginalization. In short, it was full of shortcomings. It also looked like your typical pizza delivery car. Not something you’d be proud of driving around the city now, is it?

1985 Hyundai Excel

This car was pretty expensive at the time of its release. Costing nearly 5,000 dollars, you were crazy to pay for that much, especially since this was a god-awful model. It was simply the result of leftover parts form Mitsubishi cars. Ever since this disaster, Hyundai has been working hard to go the opposite direction of this disaster and reclaim their reputation.

1978 Volvo 262C

Italy's Bertone had hoped to innovate the Volvo look. However, this box-type model was nowhere near the class and sophistication of its namesake. It was a two-door disaster that people were happy to have abandoned. Heck, even the design looks pretty cheap and dull.