1990 Chevrolet Lumina APV

 This van had a plasticky body which was just terrible. The nose resembled that of an aardvark, and the dashboard was way too huge. This model looked more like a Dustbuster. You’d have to have grown up in the 90s to get that reference.

1997 General Motors Corporation EV1

This was an all-electric car that left many people disappointed. While merit is given to the use of advanced technology, it drove pretty terribly. I also had enough range to compete with an RC car. For something that was meant to innovate, people had to go back to the drawing board after this ugly disaster.

1974 Datsun F10

This was the first Nissan model which featured front wheel drive. However, it didn’t give people much to be pleased about as far as looks were concerned. Even its operation was rough-hewn so to speak. It was renamed the Cherry upon being sold in Japan, but it sure did feel rotten to drive it.

2001 Jaguar X-Type

The Jaguar brand has always been associated with luxury and sophistication. Hence, when the X-Type was released, it was like the company itself was destroying its own image. Taking cues from the Ford Mondeo, this model was made out of sheet metal. That’s not exactly the most secure material for any car, and certainly proved that even Jaguar could turn out to be idiots in the car manufacturing game. 

1987 Volkswagen Fox

This version of Brazil’s “Gol” was imported over to the United States. However, it didn’t really bring aficionados anything to be excited about. As a matter of fact, it was equipped with just 80 horsepower. The 4-speed manual transmission was also pretty flimsy, so to speak. 

1978 Dodge Challenger

Make whatever you will of the name. The fact is that it’s just a Mitsubishi Galant with a bigger name brand stamped on the hood. It’s far from the muscle car that it claimed to be. It only ran on 105 horsepower too, which was far from anything people expected from something that was named as the Dodge Challenger.