Nissan Gets Some Awesome Self-driving Features

Many car brands have begun to explore the idea of self-driving cars. Today’s technology is moving towards trying to make the road a safer experience. This can be done through automation. You have heard about Google and Tesla, but now Nissan is soon to release ProPilot, a semi-autonomous technology. How will this work? Take a look at what Tech Insider said below:

“Drivers will be able to activate the system on highways at any speed ranging between 18 miles per hour and 62 miles per hour. The system is able to keep the car in its lane and control steering even when there are curves in the road. It can also automatically brake if it detects an object ahead.”

This sounds pretty familiar to a similar technology by Tesla. Tech Insider continues: “But Tesla has a more sophisticated system to handle its self-driving capabilities than Nissan. While Nissan will only use an on-board camera for ProPILOT, Tesla uses multiple sensors and a forward-facing camera. Still, whether Tesla Autopilot was ready for the primetime has come under fire recently after a fatal crash when the technology was activated.”

Maybe Nissan is right in taking it slow. “Nissan will continue to add to ProPILOT as its self-driving technology advances. In 2018, Nissans will be able to change lanes autonomously. By 2020, Nissan cars will be able to handle intersections and urban roads autonomously.”


Interested? This technology will be released in Japan and eventually make its way to the US in 2018. Before this, you can check out some of Nissan’s top latest models: 2017 Nissan GT-R 2016 Nissan Z Nizmo 2017 Nissan Maxima 2016 Nissan Altima