The 100 Hottest Cars of All Time

Jaguar C-Type (1951–1953)

The C-Type was a lightweight, soulful, race-ready sports car. It used the drivetrain from the XK120 retuned for greater power.

Volvo P1800 (1961–1973)

Yes, it's true: Volvo once made a sexy sports car. The P1800 was Volvo's successful attempt to recover from its previous P1900 sports car, which had failed miserably.

Honda S2000 (1999–2009)

With tremendous handling, attractively chiseled lines and a howling 9000-rpm engine sending chills down spines, the S2000 was the ultimate expression of turn-of-the-century Honda tech.

Mercedes-Benz 300SL "Gullwing" (1955–1957)

The 300SL, famous for its gullwing doors that opened toward the sky, opens the top 10. Many have hailed the Benz as the world's first supercar.

Lexus LFA (2010–Present)

With a screaming V-10 engine and oodles of carbon fiber, the LFA is a seriously desirable supercar, and its Nurburgring variant holds one of the fastest production car lap times at the famous German track.

Ferrari F40 (1987–1992)

The hallowed F40 is an icon of automotive enthusiasm. With its terrifyingly turbocharged V-8, it was the first production car ever to cross the 200 mph barrier.