The 100 Hottest Cars of All Time

Chevrolet Camaro (1966–1969)

The original Camaro set many young hearts aflutter. With muscular, purposeful styling and power to spare, the '60s Camaro became an instant classic.

Austin-Healey 100 (1956–1959)

The 100 is a perfect example of how British manufacturers were reinvigorated after World War II finally ended. This Austin-Healey got its name because it could hit 100 mph.

Triumph GT6 (1966–1973)

English automaker Triumph may be better known for its traditional roadsters, but it produced the sharp GT6 sports coupe from the chassis of its Spitfire convertible.

Ford GT40 (1964–1969)

The GT40 was built with a single purpose: to take down Ferrari at Le Mans. It succeeded, and is still the only American car to win the great French race.

Porsche 959 (1986–1989)

An automotive icon of the'80s, the 959 featured ground-breaking technology from bumper to bumper, including a revolutionary all-wheel-drive system.

Lincoln Continental (1961–1969)

The large Continental of the '60s helped to bring about the end of the gaudy, overstyled American cars of the '50s. The 1965 model year is a particular favorite among enthusiasts.