TVR Tuscan (1999–2006)

With its spidery eyes, classic British shape, and roaring Speed Six engine, the modern iteration of the TVR Tuscan is like nothing else on the road.

SS Cars SS100 (1936–1940)

This long-hooded beauty is an icon of '30s automotive styling. SS Cars later became known as Jaguar.

Duesenberg Model J (1928–1937)

The Model J was America's answer to the best European cars available at the time. It also holds the crown as the most powerful prewar American vehicle.

Ferrari F430 (2004–2009)

Hot on the heels of its successful 360 Modena sports car, Ferrari introduced its F430 replacement. With the F430's more athletic shape and intoxicating new 4.3-liter V-8 engine, the 360 was quickly forgotten.

Jaguar C-Type (1951–1953)

The C-Type was a lightweight, soulful, race-ready sports car. It used the drivetrain from the XK120 retuned for greater power.

Volvo P1800 (1961–1973)

Yes, it's true: Volvo once made a sexy sports car. The P1800 was Volvo's successful attempt to recover from its previous P1900 sports car, which had failed miserably.