BMW M1 (1978–1981)

The first BMW to wear the now-famous M badge, the M1 is one of the rarest BMW models. Its midengine layout was designed specifically for racing success.

Mercedes-Benz SSK (1928–1932)

In its Trossi Black Prince guise, the SSK was dramatic and menacing. Only a handful of original SSK models remain in existence.

Ferrari Enzo (2002–2004)

It seems like every decade, Ferrari creates one magnum opus to show off everything its learned to date. For the 2000s, that honor fell on the Enzo—practically an F1 racecar in disguise.

Ferrari Testarossa (1984–1996)

Ask a layman to picture a Ferrari and the Testarossa is likely what comes to mind. The boxer 12-cylinder engine and unmistakable appearance make the Testarossa still the definitive Ferrari.

Talbot-Lago T150 CSS (1938)

Also known as the teardrop, the CSS was a successful racer from the '30s and featured a jaw-droppingly sleek design that turns heads 70 years later.

BMW Z8 (1999–2003)

Inspired by the also-gorgeous 507 of the '50s, the Z8 was BMW's answer to growing demand for a high-end roadster. It shared its explosive V-8 engine with the M5 supersedan.