TVR Griffith 200 (1963–1964)

The Griffith was frighteningly fast thanks to the available 289-cubic-inch V-8, but plagued with reliability and handling problems.

Audi S6 (2012)

The latest S6 is the greatest example of Audi's thoroughly modern, tightly sculpted, luxury design style. Definitely one of the best-looking sedans ever made.

Jaguar E-Type (1961–1975)

The E-Type needs little introduction. An icon of '60s style, its famous shape hid either one of two inline-six engines, although its final Series 3 variant came packing a 5.3-liter V-12 under the long hood.

Lotus Elise (1996–Present)

Tiny, lightweight, fast, and nimble. The Elise, along with its more hardcore, track-oriented Exige sibling, defines what Lotus is all about: a connection between driver and road.

BMW M6 (1987–1989)

The original M6 took the existing 635CSi to new heights and solidified BMW's M performance division's place in the market.